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RTX 4090 First Impressions

The GeForce RTX 4090 is an enthusiast-class GPU by Nvidia. With such a successful launch for the 30 series cards in 2021, Nvidia has just launched its RTX 4090. The FE version of the card will be the only one available at this time due to Nvidia working on the manufacturing process for this beast of a card, but those greedy bastards just couldn't wait to release it!

Disclaimer: This is in the category sh*t post, what did you expect?


The RTX 4090 has 18,000 cuda cores, 232 RTX cores, 48GB of RAM making it the only card capable of rendering images at 15,360 x 8,640 so you can finally fit your mom in HD photos. The GPU only requires 1kw of power and allows for up to two-3 prong power cables, just make sure you have the GPU set up on its on breaker. This also allows the GPU to draw power directly from the wall, so there isn't a hassle when it comes to upgrading your current PSU and you don't have to worry about that pesky Gigabyte PSU destroying your new hardware.

PCB Breakdown:

We can clearly see that the GPU dye is a quad dye, enthusiast are speculating that one of the dyes is dedicated to the RTX cores to help improve the performance without the need to downscale your resolution. There is 16GB of memory on the front of the PCB and 32GB on the back of the GPU, Nvidia designed it this way because the mem temps on the 3090 cards were significantly improved by moving it towards the back where a thin piece of metal is used to cool them. The GPU also has 26 phase power for optimal performance and to help prevent the GPUs from exploding when playing well optimized games like New World. The dimensions are L1.5ft x W 3.5 slot x H2.25ft.

GPU Features:

The FE edition of the card has 8 fans on the front of the cooler and 4 fans on the back as exhaust pushing 350CFM at 5,000 RPM. Nvidia has opted for an RGB logo this time instead of the typical green on the other FE cards. We can also see on the PCB there is an SLI connector, maybe some day SLI will be supported on more than 5 games.

GPU Benchmark + Testing:

Check out this video where Captains Workspace gets an early sample and tests the GPU.


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