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How to Mine Verus on your Cell Phone

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

If you have a spare phone laying around like I do, then it might not be a bad idea to put it to work. Making passive income through crypto currency and stocks has changed my mindset when it comes to retirement and I've constantly set myself small goals. Weather it be covering the cost of eating out or gas each week, achieving these small milestones will help you build up to fully replacing your day job income and keep you motivated to push forward.

Buying a phone:

While I don't believe it is worth purchasing additional hardware to start mining with phones, it is a cool idea. A cost effective phone you could get started with is the Samsung Galaxy A03s. This phone only costs $49.88 and it can be purchased off amazon here. If you are particularly interested in mining Verus coin they have a Discord group. In this group they have compiled a list of over 300 processors with metrics such as hash rate and CPU efficiency. I will list below just a few of the phone processors and the data gathered. Each processor benchmarked has also been verified by a member of the community.

Hashrate metrics provided by the community:

Installing the miner on your phone:

If you are setting up a phone you previously had used, make sure you uninstall any apps you don't need and disable any data tracking to help increase the amount of CPU available for the miner.

Enable Developer mode:

On your device, find the Build number option. The following table shows the settings location of the Build number on various devices:

Device settings location for the Build number option Device Setting Google Pixel Settings > About phone > Build number Samsung

Galaxy S8 and later Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number

LG G6 and later Settings > About phone > Software info > Build number

HTC U11 and later Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number or Settings > System > About phone > Software information > More > Build number

OnePlus 5T and later Settings > About phone > Build number

  1. Tap the Build Number option seven times until you see the message You are now a developer! This enables developer options on your device.

  2. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options at the bottom.

Enabling Stay Awake:

After you have enabled developer mode, you will now have a Developer Options setting. To access this, Hit the back button 2 times or open Settings -> System -> Developer Options. In the developer options there will be a slider for Stay Awake. This setting will keep your phone screen on the entire time it is charging. In order to make your phone more efficient it is also important to turn off adaptive brightness, set the brightness to the lowest setting, lower the resolution and set the refresh rate to the lowest setting.

Installing the Mining Software:

You can install the mining software by visiting the official Verus coin website here: Mining | Verus. Scroll down to the Mobile section and click on the Download here link.

This will open a Github page with the official miner. From here do the following:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page

  • Click on releases

  • Download the Zip file

  • Open File manager on Android

  • Click on the Zip file and Extract

  • Open the extracted file and install the apk

  • The miner will now be installed on your device.

Setup Miner settings:

Once the Verus phone miner is installed, you have a few settings to setup. You can set custom profiles for settings and name them using the Setting name, I will name mine Default. Setting a Miner name can be extremely important if you planned on having a larger farm of phone miners. Don't forget to set the CPU cores, this will allow the app to use as many cores as you want, I will set mine to 8 as its the maximum number. If you have a Verus coin wallet, copy your address here or we will set one up in a minute.

The app also has many more settings like tempature threshold, cool down time, charge control and many more!

Setup a Verus Wallet:

While there are some easy to use Verus wallets on the play store, the safest wallet is going to be the one created by the Verus dev team. To do this Visit the official website again and click on Get Wallet. Here you have the option to install the desktop version or under mobile -> get on google play store. I will be using the play store wallet personally. Once opened install the app and open. The app will walk you through creating a locally stored wallet. This means it is not stored online or tied to an email address! Make sure you store the 24 word seed phrase somewhere safe just incase you need to recover your wallet in the future. Once your wallet is created, get your Verus receive wallet address and put that into the Verus miner!

Starting the Miner:

Once you have all of your profile settings saved with your correct wallet address it is time to start mining! Open the app and click on the mining tab. Verify your setting are correct and click on the start button.


I setup the Verus miner on my Asus ROG strix phone that currently gets 5.55 Mh/s. This phone should yeild about 0.102 VRSC or $0.0441 a day. I currently do not have any way to track how much power the phone draws from the wall, but if you are interested in the net profit leave a comment below and I will purchase a Watt Meter.

What is Verus Coin?

From Chat GPT:

Verus Coin (VRSC) is a cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain. Verus Coin is known for its focus on security, privacy, and decentralized governance. It was created to offer users a cryptocurrency platform with features like privacy, fungibility, and interoperability. Here are some key features and aspects of Verus Coin:

  1. Privacy: Verus Coin employs various privacy features, including zk-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge), to enable private transactions. This helps in concealing transaction details such as sender, receiver, and transaction amount.

  2. Interoperability: Verus Coin aims to be compatible with various blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies, making it easier for users to transact across different platforms.

  3. Decentralized Governance: The Verus Coin community plays a crucial role in the project's governance. Token holders can participate in decision-making processes and propose changes or updates to the network.

  4. Proof-of-Work (PoW): Verus Coin utilizes a PoW consensus algorithm, which means miners solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and secure the network.

  5. Cross-Chain Compatibility: Verus Coin has implemented technology that allows it to interact with other blockchain networks, potentially facilitating atomic swaps and cross-chain transactions.


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