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Best GPUS For Mining Ravencoin Top 10

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

With proof of stake coming in the next few months its time for miners to look into alternative coins to mine. Among the mass amount of coins you are able to mine with a GPU, Raven coin is one if not the favorite alternative for GPU mining. Today we will be taking a look at which GPU is the most efficient, has the most hash rate and which one would be the best to buy today, this will be ranked from #1 being the best and #10 being the worst to buy now. These rankings are based purely off efficiency due to miners running cards of upwards of 4+ years. All profit numbers are based off of $0.10 per kW/h and the price / current rewards of Raven coin as of 1/18/2022.

Most Efficient: 3080TI

Highest Profit per day: 3080TI

Lowest Power usage: 1050TI

#1: 3080Ti

The 3080Ti is able to achieve a hash rate of 49mH/s on KawPow with a TDP of 280 watts. This makes the GPU the most efficient running at 0.175mH/W. On top of this card being the most efficient, it also brings in the most daily profit at $2.24 per day!

#2: 6800XT and 6800

The 6800XT is able to achieve 33mH/s on the KawPow algorithm at a power usage of 200 watts. This makes the 6800XT the 2nd most efficient GPU when it come to mining Ravencoin. While this GPU does not bring in the most profit per day, it actually is sitting at 6th on the list in terms of profit per day, it still is a great pick up in the long term getting about $1.48 per day at 0.165mH/W

#3: 3070Ti

The 3070Ti make it to the #3 spot with an average of 39.5mH/s on the KawPow algorithm. This GPU is pulling 250 watts for an efficiency of 0.158mH/w. This means you would be looking at $1.75 per day in profit.

#4: 3080 / 3080LHR

Thankfully the LHR driver limits does not effect these cards when mining algorithms other than Ethash and Ethash4G. This means mining coins other than ETH or ETC does not decrease the performance. The 3080 / 3080LHR is pulling 39.5mH/s on the KawPow algorithm with a TDP of 250 watts. This gives us 0.158mH/w and sets the 3080 as #4 on the list. In terms of profit per day, the 3080 / 3080LHR is able to pull $1.75 per day mining Ravencoin.

#5: 3060 / 3060LHR

With the 3060 / 3060LHR being a budget gaming card it does rank highly on the list. The 3060 / 3060LHR is able to get 22mH/s on the KawPow algorithm using 140 watts. This give the 3060 an average of 0.157mH/W just barely below the 3080. The 3060 is brings in $0.97 a day, just below the $1 mark.

#6: 3070 / 3070LHR

The 3070 / 3070LHR is getting 27.6mH/s on the KawPow algorithm with a TDP of 140 watts. With an efficiency of 0.153 mH/w it is still a good card to purchase for the right price. Currently the 3070 is able to bring in a profit of $1.21 per day.

#7: 1660Ti

While the 1660Ti is an older gen card, it is still a very efficient card. It beats out many newer cards because of this! The 1660Ti is able to get 13.3mH/s on KawPow using 90 watts. This gives it an efficiency of 0.147mH/w brining in $0.57 per day.

#8: 6900XT

AMD's 6900XT is able to achieve 32mH/s at 220 watts mining Ravencoin. This gives it an efficiency of 0.145mH/w and a daily profit of $1.37. With the AMD community always experimenting with different BIOS mods / flashes and AMD working on their drivers. I would not be surprised if this card manages to pick up in being more efficient or getting a higher hash rate in the future.

#9: 2080Ti

The 2080Ti gets 31.5 mH/s at 220 watts mining Ravencoin. This gives it an efficiency of 0.143mH/w and a daily profit of $1.35. Out of the 32 GPU's tested this card still ranks fairly high, so if you are able to get one at a competitive price then it is worth purchasing.

#10: 3060Ti

While the 3060Ti is very efficient when it comes to mining ETH. It is unfortunately at the bottom of this list for mining Ravencoin. The 3060Ti is able to get 31.5mH/s at 190 watts giving it an efficiency of 0.142mH/w and a daily profit of $1.15.

Spread Sheet of 32 GPU's listed by Efficiency | Conclusion:

With proof of stake I thought it might be helpful to rank the top GPU's on ravencoin based on efficiency. The reason why I decided to do this is: interest rates are going up and causing the market to go down, this is done to help prevent inflation (bear market ahead?). ETH is moving, or planning on moving over to proof of stake and us as miners need to look into the future and see what hardware is good to purchase. Being able to get the most efficient mining farm means that you can take more of a loss on daily profits, because the GPU's are more efficient than others. The goal is to be the last man to turn off your rigs in a bear market, when you get to the point of paying more in eclectic then you make mining it becomes very discouraging. At this point, if it comes, many miners will sell off their GPU's and it will be a good time for the more efficient miners to buy GPUs. If you are looking for sepcific GPU's and their efficiency check out the Ravencoin benchmark list here.


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