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Shiba Inu Brick Buster | 359 Million Burned

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The Brick Buster app has currently burned over 120 Million SHIB INU coins. The goal of this application is to take the ad revenue the game makes, convert it into SHIB and then burn it all. This makes it so there is a constant stream of coins being burned. This slow burn, along with the increasing use/functionality of the coin is promising and hopes to raise the price per coin.

Verified Via Wallets:

While we don't have a direct way of confirming all of the ad revenue is being burned, we can check out Accomplished_Key_317 on twitter. He is actively posting updates on Twitter for the statistics of the app. It is predicted that if 10,000 users played a level each day we could hit a burn of $372,500 per month, which at the current time of writing is 10,946,223,920 SHIB. We can also view the wallet address of the App owner here and the official SHIBA dead wallet here.

What app do I download:

The application is called Brick Buster, created by Royalty Holding Company. The current game looks like the image above. If you want to support the SHIB burn then download the app and clear 1 level a day! If every user in the subreddit SHIBARMY were to play a level each day, billions of SHIB would be burned each month. The next burn is scheduled to take place in mid-January, and currently we are on track to burn the same amount as this month.


While we can't confirm the exact amount the app generates in ads without a screen shot from the owner, it seems that we can currently trust him. With an active twitter account posting screen shots of Google ad statistics and a wallet address we can follow on Etherscan. I will be doing my part each day this month and clearing a level. Its going to take a lot of time before SHIB burns a significant amount of its current 410 trillion coins, but I'm holding this coin long term. Check out the current supply and burn here.

Updates on Burn:

2nd Burn: 239 Million - January 15th 2022

1st Burn: 120 Million - December 2021


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