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Setting up T-Rex Web Interface

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

By Default T-Rex miner will set up a web monitoring interface every time it is ran as admin. This interface will be hosted on your local network on port 4067 and displays information such as temperature, fan speed, Hash rate, clock speeds, and shares per minute.

Stats When Selecting a Computer:

How to Access Webpage:

T-Rex comes with a built-in web monitoring/control page. By default, it is only accessible from the same PC where the miner is running - If you would like to use it from other machines in your local network you need to set --api-bind-http parameter, e.g . --api-bind-http - replace IP address with yours. Best practice is to set the IP for this webpage to the IP of the computer on port 4067.

How to Get Your Computers Local IP:

To get your computers local IP press the windows key and type in ipconfig. Look for the ethernet or wireless adapter (depending if you are on Wi-Fi or hardwired) and grab the IPV4 address. Alternatively if you know the network name of the pc, you could just ping it from your main computer by typing in ping (computer name) and get the local IPV4 address this way.

Create Password:

You must set a password if you want to add all of the "nodes" onto the same web page for viewing or changing settings.

Steps to set up WebUI password:

  1. Open command prompt and navigate to the directory where the miner executable is.

  • Open cmd

  • type dir to list out directories

  • use cd to navigate to the T-Rex folder ex: cd desktop

  1. Run t-rex --api-generate-key <your_password>. The password must be 8-64 characters long, without spaces, and must contain at least one digit, lowercase, and uppercase letters. (Windows) If a new command prompt opens and quickly closes, go to step 1 and run the command prompt under Administrator.

  2. The output from step 2 is your API key, and it needs to be added as an extra T-Rex parameter in your *.bat/*.sh script: --api-key <generated_key>

  3. Start the miner. Now when you try to access WebUI, it will prompt you to enter the password that you used in step 2.

Steps 2 and 3 can be combined into one if you use T-Rex with a config file: run t-rex --api-generate-key <your_password> -c <your_config_file> and the generated key will be inserted into your config file automatically.

Note: there is no way to recover your password from the API key, so if you forget it, regenerate the key using a new password.

After putting this into your .bat file make sure to restart the miner and allow the firewall rule for hosting the page on the new IP.

Adding all Nodes to 1 Local Webpage:

Navigate on your main PC to the IP you set the webpage to on port 4067 and enter in the password you created. Then click the blue add node button, enter in the IP of the other miners you configured and password. This will add them all onto a single webpage.

Bat File Example:

All Nodes:

From this web interface you can monitor more stats then the pool provides you. You can also reboot, shutdown or pause rigs from here.


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