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NB Miners 100% LHR Unlock

Following the NiceHash 100% LHR unlock is NBMiner. As of 5/8/2022 NBMiner has also unlocked 100% of the hash rate for the lHR cards. You must run NBMiner in admin mode along with using the 512.15 drivers on Windows or the 510.60 drivers on Linux. Along with the previous versions of NBMiner that have added locking the core clock, power limit and memory clock inside of the miner. This makes it a major contender for T-Rex Miner on Windows.

How to Unlock LHR in NBMiner:

Unlocking your LHR card in NBMiner is as simple as setting up T-Rex miner. Just lock your core clock, set your memory overclock and power limit and don't forget to run the program as an Admin. We will go over the example below.

Run NBMiner as admin:

To do this at the start of your notepad file just add the file path to NB Miner. EX: "C:\Users\willi\Desktop\NB Miner\NBMiner_Win/nbminer"

Doing this will allow you to run NBMiner as Admin, if you don't add the file path and attempt to run NBMiner as an admin the program will close.

Lock Core clock:

With the other recent updates to NBMiner you can lock your core clock inside of the miner. To do this just enter in -cclock @1200 after your wallet address. This will lock the core clock at 1200mhz.

Overclock Memory:

To overclock your memory in NBMiner just add -mclock 1300 after the wallet address as well. This will add a +1300mhz clock onto your memory.

Set GPU Power limit:

To Set the power limit in NBMiner just do -pl 120. This will set the power limit of the GPU to 120watts. I find this extremely interesting as almost every other overclocking software or miner has you set the power limit in % instead of watts.

Setting overclocks for multiple cards:

Setting overclocks for more than 1 GPU is easy if you have ever set up another miner that allows overclocking inside of the config file. For example if I have a GPU that I want the memory clock set to 1200 and another GPU where I want the memory clock set to 1300. In order to do this I would just set the parameter -mclock 1200,1300. This would set device 0 to a +1200mhz on the memory and a +1300mhz on device 1.


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