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How to Mine Firo | Solo Mine 2021

In this guide we will be going over how to mine Firo, and how to move your Firo over to Guarda Wallet. If possible I would recommend mining to Binance but as they are geographically locked this is a work around.

Solo Mining Firo

The easiest way to solo mine Firo is to use the pool 2miners. I will link a quick start guide here. There is no registration required to solo mine Firo and its as simple as changing the server you mine to. 2miners currently has solo mining servers for the USA, Europe and Asia. Depending on your hash rate and luck factor, you could be making more money mining Firo, currently as of 11/8/2021, then you do mining ETH!

Mining Firo:

For AMD cards you can use the Team Red Miner. This mining package includes many different coins that you can mine, including Firo. However Firo mines best on Nvidia cards. Firo does plan on moving over to the ProgPow algorithm which would make AMD cards more efficent. For Team Red you'll be looking for the start_firopow.bat or start_mtp.bat file for Firo.

Example of batch file config:

teamredminer.exe -a firopow -o POOL -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.RIG_ID -p x pause

For Nvidia cards you can use T-Rex Miner. This mining package also has many other coins including Firo. For more information about setting up T-Rex Miner check out my guide here.


In HiveOS you will go to your farm, head over to your stored wallets and add in your Firo wallet address. Next we will head over to flight sheets and select Firo as the coin. Select your favorite pool and the closest server to you. If you want all of your cards in that rig to mine Firo then select firopow as the mining algorithm for this flight sheet. If you want to select a few cards to mine Firo, then open up the miner config. Towards the bottom of this screen you will have an option for extra config arguments, in this box you can enter in: 5,6 and this would allow only GPU 0 and 3 to mine Firo. This gives you the option to dual mine Firo and ETH, to add a second algorithm to mine just select the add miner button towards the bottom right. Configure the coin, wallet, pool, mine and select the devices you want to mine the second coin. Make sure you don't use the same miner on the same flight sheet. For instance, if I was mining Firo using T-Rex and wanted to mine ETH on other cards. I would have to select another miner like NBMiner for the second coin I want to mine.

Setting up a Wallet:

Firo is currently not listed on exchanges like Coinbase or Hotbit, but it can still be bought or sold on other exchanges. Exchanges like Binance,, HitBTC and other do support trading Firo. The only exchange I would trust would be Binance, I haven't personally traded on any of these exchanges but I've heard about Binance. So make sure you Do your own research on which exchanges are trustworthy and which one best suites your needs.

Guarda Wallet:

This is a plug-in for Binance that allows you to take the Firo that you mine and transfer it onto the Binance Smart Chain Network. For this method make sure that Binance is allowed in your geographical region.

Follow the steps to set up a Guarda Wallet. The nice thing about the Guarda Wallet is that you can add it onto your phone as an app, get a desktop application or even get a Chrome extension. This also means that the Chrome extension will work in any other chromium browser such as the Brave browser and even Microsoft Edge as it is not Chromium based. Your private keys through Guarda are also AES 256 encrypted. The password that you create for your account will be like any other login. After your wallet is created you will be given a back-up for your seed phrase. This back-up will be used if you forget your password, its also encrypted so make sure you put it someplace safe. Weather that's another USB drive, nord locker or OneDrive Private vault. I would highly recommend storing it in three offline storage devices that are encrypted.

Getting a Firo Wallet:

Once your Guarda Wallet is setup and you have backed up your account, we will create a Firo wallet address. To do this just search for the Firo coin and click on the add button.

Other Options for a Firo Wallet:

Trust wallet is another wallet you can use to exchange Firo. They are similar to Guarda where you have a backup seed phrase to access your coins if you forget your password. Another option would be using the Binance if you are not region locked.

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