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Bitcoin Surpasses Facebook in Marketcap

Currently on October 6th 2021, Bitcoin has a market cap of 1.039 trillion dollars.

How BTC compares to other assets:

This means that the crypto currency has passed companies like Facebook, Tesla Nvidia, Visa, JPMorgan Chase and many more in market cap!

BTC would need another 1.4 trillion to surpass Apple and a massive 10.3 trillion to surpass Gold.

Bitcoin is a Global Asset:

BTC is a universal term now, Bitcoin is contemporary. You say the coin and people know exactly what you are talking about!

Country's have noticed and like El Salvador will slowly start accepting BTC as legal tender. This is major news for BTC, because when prices dropped earlier this year El Salvador said they were buying the dip and purchased another 700 BTC. When this becomes a more widely adopted policy among Country's then we will see more stability in the coin. Except for the China ban on crypto, which hasn't seemed to have a major effect on the market.

With BTC being ranked so high in total market cap, and investors seeing it as more of a stable investment crypto is the future, and the future is now!


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