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Best Miners for LHR Cards in 2021

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Miners for LHR Cards:





lolMiner 1.33 released on October 1st with better performance for LHR cards. More specifically this update is more optimized for the3060 TI, 3070 TI and the 3080 TI. This update improved the performance from 70% to 71-72%. This might not seem like a major change to most people but lets take the 3080 TI as an example.

Card Cost: $499

Hash Rate (70%): 40MH/S

ROI: Roughly $2.73 per day after electric = 182 day ROI

Hash Rate (71.5%):43MH/S

ROI: Roughly $2.95 per day after electric = 169 day ROI

That extra ~1.5% will have you ROI 13 days sooner, and the faster you make money on that GPU the better. This update also helps with stability and holds a more stable hash rate.


NB miner had an update on September 30th detailing the new ERGO lhr unlock. Fo GPUs with GDDR6 Hynix memory they recommend not using LHR mode because of the poor performance. However for any other memory type they recommend using LHR mode 85 (85%) on the 3060, 3060 TI and the 3070. For the 3070 TI, 3080 and 3080 TI they say to put it all the way up to LHR mode 100 (100%).

T-Rex Miner

The update for T-Rex Miner came out just 17 hours ago and allows the LHR cards to dual mine. The strategy is mining an alt coin with 70% of the cards hash rate and the other 30% towards ETH. Currently the miner supports dual mining with: ETH+ERGO, ETH+RVN and ETH+CFX(10gb+). They also made the lhr tune mode auto detect cards even if its not specified in the miner.

They also added a low power mode for LHR cards and recommend starting at 68%.

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