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At Home Kadena Miners in 2022

Kadena is a blockchain that aims to optimize scalability and features a new smart contact language. This smart contract language is called Pact which comes with verification and upgradeable smart contracts.

More About KDA

Kadena supports DeFi in their liquidity commons, which is a self-coordinating and unfragmented liquidity pool which enables incentives and cash flow across many different exchanges.

Kadena has support for NFT's using Marmalade. Marmalade provides the infrastructure to launch and run NFT marketplaces with 100% on-chain transactions, provenance, low gas fees and shared ownership that can be cross platform.

Interop is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This platform requires even simple contracts to include reams of unintelligent copy-pasted code, preventing multi-chain interop. Pact was designed specifically around the idea of Interop, allowing for a single PolyFungible NFT ledger to service the market as a whole.

Kadena even allows for multiple protocols to be built using Pact. For example Cosmos developers can now use Pact to build directly on Kadenamint which is an implementation of the Pact smart contract language on Tendermint. This allows developers to use an open-source tool to bypass cryptography setup and hop directly into higher-level dApp development. Kadena is also working on bringing Pact into other ecosystems like Polkadot & Kusama.

Profitability Overview

Even now with KDA being down 94% from $24.52 we can see these ASIC miners are still pulling in some decent profits on KDA. We can even see the more friendly in-house miners that only take 205-230 watts from Goldshell are still profitable to run at this time.

Goldshell KD-BOX-PRO

This miner takes 230W and minest at 2.6Th/s giving it an efficiency of 10.98%.

The Goldshell KD-BOX-PRO is just an upscaled version of the Goldshell KD-BOX. This miner has an increased 60% hash rate with only 12% more power, making the PRO model much more efficient. You can find these miners on various sites and ebay ranging from $1,400 all the way up to $3,500. If you are able to get your hands on one of these for around $1,500 your expected ROI is at 794 days, where as the ones upwards of $3,000 you're looking closer to 1500 days.

iBeLink BM-K1

The BM-K1 takes 800 watts and mines at 5.3Th/s giving it an efficiency of 18.5%. This miner currently pulls in $5.19 a day with an electric cost of $0.96, leaving you $4.23 in profit. You can purchase this miner anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. If you are able to purchase one around $6,000 the ROI would be close to 1,418 days and close to 2,364 days if purchased for $10,000.

Goldshell KD2

The Goldshell KD2 takes 830 watts and mines at 6.4Th/s giving it an efficiency of 15.95%. This miner pulls about $6.27 a day with an electric cost of around $1 per day leaving you with $5.27 per day in profit. These miners are typically upwards of $10,000 giving you an ROI of 1,897 days or more.

Other ASICS on the list

The other ASICS on the list such as the iBeLink BM-K1+, Goldshell KD-Lite, Goldshell KD5 and Goldshell KD MAX all take massive amount of power to run. These miners are also harder to purchase due to limited supply, and with the price of KDA dropping over 90% the ROI on these more powerful miners is past anything reasonable. Even the ROI of the ones mentioned about is not reasonable at current prices. I personally would not purchase anything with over a 2 year ROI.


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