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2060 12GB Hash Rate & Profitability

The 2060 12GB card was announced about a month ago as another card for gamers to pick up. Nvidia was hoping to help remedy the current shortage and market by re-vamping an older card with more memory so that gamers stuck on pascal cards would have something to buy. Nvidia most likely assumed that the card being last gen would keep most miners away from it due to wanting the latest and greatest at the time for a higher resale value later on. This is not the case, as miners are already getting their hands on these cards. Today we will go over the hash rate of this card along with how long it would take for you to break even, if you managed to get one of these.

Hash Rate and Efficiency:


38 mh/s

110 Watts

58 Watts PCIe Slot power

387.6 Eff/Watt

Overclock Settings:

-99 on Core (CCLOCK 1095)

+1650 Mem Clock

Raven Coin:

21.4 mh/s

164 Watts


Overclock Settings:

+100 Core Clock (1800)

+950 Mem Clock

Break Even Point:


Average Cost of GPU: $620

$/kWh: $0.10

Net per day: $1.90

Profit per day: $1.67

372 Days to ROI

Cost per mh: 16.3

Raven Coin:

$/kWh: $0.10

Net per day: $1.30

Profit per day: $0.92

Break Even: 673 Days

Cost per mh: 28.97

GPU Specs:

Base Clock: 1470MHz

Boost Clock: 1650MHz

Memory Clock 1750MHz (14Gbps effective)

Memory Size: 12GB

Memory Type: GDDR6

Memory Bus: 192bit

Bandwith: 336.0 GB/s


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